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“The plan will help us to focus in on where our attention needs to go, so we can continue to provide a great service to our current and future customers.

“I would like to thank the Australian High Commission for helping us jointly fund this plan, and our stakeholders, Government Ministries and other donor partners for their support to achieve this very important piece of work,” says Mr Bradford.

Solomon Water General Manager, Ian Gooden says the plan gives staff and management clear direction for the future.

“Most of the work is about maintaining and developing not only our networks, pump stations and natural resources to deliver clean, safe, healthy water, but it’s also about developing our people and their capacity as well to deliver on our ambitious plan. The most important and urgent requirement is to secure more water for Honiara which will otherwise be subject to rationing again in a few years due to its rapid growth”.

“The work, while spread across 30 years, is broken down to 5 year periods, so we can ensure we have the funding and the internal resources and talent needed to achieve things. We will need a lot of donor and Solomon Islands Government support to fund this plan and are negotiating with a few donors at present.

“My staff and my management team are really excited about the future and what can be achieved by Solomon Water. We’re hoping to start phasing some of the work in shortly,” says Mr Gooden

The report was presented to the Prime Minister as part of the consultation and he commended the report and assured Solomon water that there is a need for SIG’s commitment

An overview of the Draft Strategic Plan can be found on Solomon Water’s website: www.solomonwater.com.sb/


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