• What is Cash Water

    1. Prepaid system to supply water
    2. Buy an allocation of water in advance
    3. It has the same features to current water meter
    4. It measures water usage the same way as the current meter
    5. It works the same way cash power does
    6. It has a life span of over 15 years
    7. It contains Water Management Device (WMD) that monitors water usage
    8. A User Interface Unit (UIU) is supplied and used along with the meter
    9. When water credit bought is used, simply topup your water account as you normally do with your mobile phone.

    Benefits of Cash Water

    1. You can manage your own water usage according to your affordability
    2. You can buy water to suit your pocket
    3. It puts you in control of your budget
    4. No worries about due bills to pay every month
    5. No more surprises caused by high water bills
    6. No worries about tenants leaving arrears for landlords to pay
    7. No worries about neighbors using your water while on holidays
    8. No worries about additional disconnection or reconnection fees

    Trial Phase

    The process includes:

    1. Solomon Water team will install the cash water meter after the current prepaid meter
    2. Solomon Water will provide free credit worth of 32kl. This is the standard average monthly consumption of a household. Solomon Water will monitor the credit usage daily
    3. Customers to report to Solomon Water any issue concerning the meter usage
    4. Customer to top up the credit after the free credit trial
  • What are the charges and requirements for a new connection service?

    We had a separate sheet detailing the rates and requirements of a new service connection. You can access this information at our Customer Care Centre at Point Cruz or send us an email on this address: service(at)solomonwater.com.sb

    How long does it take to process a new service application?

    It takes approximately 3 to 4 weeks to process a new service application. We will provide a quote in which agrees to pay and we will issue an invoice for customer to pay at the cashier before installation can be done on site.

    What is a house deposit?

    A bond fee is the amount of money Solomon Water may request a commercial customer to pay when establishing an account. It is refundable if a customer has no outstanding bill.

    What to do when you move house?

    It is important to report to Solomon Water before the tenant or property owner vacates the premises. Our meter reading team will get your final reading to provide the updated final bill. A change of address form to be filled out by the new tenant or property owner to update the customer details in our system and to receive your monthly bill on your new address.

    Water is disconnected due to arrears of previous tenant?

    Solomon Water now deals directly with the property owner. In instances, where the tenant vacates the premises without settling the arrears, the property owner is responsible for settling any arrears with Solomon Water. If there is an urgent need for Settlement of water bill, the tenant should amicably talk to his/her property owner and create an agreement for a repayment water settlement plan.

    Check outstanding water bills before purchasing a property

    Before you purchase a property ensure the previous property owner’s all outstanding bill is settled to avoid frustration over outstanding bill.

    How do I report leakages, bursts or illegal bypass, meter tampering to Solomon Water service lines?

    Please report all leakages, burst, illegal bypass and meter tampering or theft of water to Solomon Water office landline: 23985 or send email to; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    All information reported is treated with strict confidentiality.

    What is required to pay when my service line is disconnected?

    Outstanding bill and reconnection fee. However, if Solomon Water finds out that you are illegally connecting to our service when your water is disconnected, you will also pay for an illegal fee.

  • What is water chlorination?

    Chlorination is the method used to disinfect water. It is the process of adding chlorine to water to make it safe for consumption and food preparation.

    Is the white clay scale inside the kettle caused by chlorine?

    No, it is caused by water with high minerals content (Hard Water). However, there is no health risk associated to water with high mineral content.

    I noticed a bad smell when I turned on my tap

    The smell is caused by chlorine for disinfection. Chlorine is not harmful but some people are more sensitive to the smell of chlorine.

  • Where can I pay my bill?

    You can pay your bill at our Customer Care Centre Point Cruz or Hyundai Mall cashier or at any of our provincial centres in Tulagi, Noro and Auki.

    How do I apply for a new meter connection?

    Contact our customer care phone: 23985 or email: service(at)solomonwater.com.sb or visit our Customer Care Centre at the BIS Building, Point Cruz for assistance.

    Who to contact if you have questions regarding you bill statement?

    Questions on billing, transfers and reconnection and disconnection should be directed to the customer service by visiting the Customer Care Centre or you can call them on phone: 23985 or email: service(at)solomonwater.com.sb

    Can I receive my bill electronically?

    Yes register with us now to receive your bill through your email account.

    Is it true that the new raised meter charge more?

    No, the raised meters charges the same.

    What is the fixed charge?

    Temporary charge imposed on unmetered customers because their water meter stopped or is faulty.

    My bill is higher than expected?

    If it is not due to leakages on your property, send us a request so that our meter reading team can verify your meter readings. If your water meter is faulty, your water account will be adjusted accordingly to your verified usage.

    What do fixed charges cover?

    Fixed charges include the cost to treat water from open and close water sources, produce bills and maintenance carried out on pipelines and meters.

  • What is the UWSSSP?

    The Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Sector Project is the South Pacific’s most significant water and sanitation improvement project. The project will provide safe, quality reliable water to consumers in Honiara, Auki, Noro, Gizo and Tulagi and construct a new water supply at Munda. It will also improve on-site sanitation for households in Honiara with the construction of 3 deep ocean outfalls, 7km’s of new sewers and 2 new sewage pumping stations.

    How will the project affect me?

    If you live near project construction, we will publish maps of the project locations and we will talk to you about how we will limit impacts of the project on your daily life. If you are a landowner, you will have regular contact with us as the project progresses. If you are a water customer in Honiara you can expect to enjoy a quality, reliable water service by the end of 2024. Auki, Noro, Gizo and Tulagi water customers can expect a quality, reliable water service by the end of 2021.

    How much will the project cost?

    The project is being financed by the Government of the Solomon Islands, the Asian Development Bank, World Bank and European Union. The project is a major investment to improve water and sanitation services and is anticipated to cost approximately 92 Million USD in total.

    Who is responsible for the project?

    Solomon Water is responsible for the project and is working with experienced local and international contractors to build, supply, maintain and operate the new water and sanitation services.

    What are the project benefits?

    The main benefits of the project will be a safe, quality and reliable water supply for our growing urban centres and improved sanitation to protect the health of the most vulnerable members of our community by improving the measures of public health and decreasing waterborne diseases.

    Why do we need the project?

    The Solomon Islands is growing rapidly and people living in urban and peri-urban areas represents 24% of the population, while the population of the Solomon Islands will continue to grow by 2.1% each year. Currently, 41% of people living in Honiara, do not have access to the public water supply and 24% do not have access to basic sanitation. Solomon Water, as the nation’s water and sanitation utility is committed to providing safe, quality and reliable water supply to meet the needs of our growing population.