Our Services

The following services are delivered by Solomon Water to its customers and to people who want to sign up to the state enterprise’s water and waste water services.

New Water Service

We welcome new customers. Below are the forms to apply for our quality, safe drinking water services and connection to our wastewater services. Please note that we will check on the location of your property before we are able to provide a new water supply to you and your family.


Download the New Connection Form

Download CashWater "Want to get Connected" Brochure

Download the CashWater User Instruction Brochure

New Waste Water Service

The Solomon Islands Water Authority was established under the Solomon Islands Water Authority Act in 1992 and is charged with providing the management and development of urban water and sewerage services in the Solomon Islands. Solomon Water provides a conventional gravity sewerage system to around 30,000 people, approximately 30% of Honiara, the capital city of the Solomon Islands whilst the remaining households and businesses are connected to traditional septic tanks regulated by Honiara City Council. All sewerage systems are gravity fed, with the exception of two sewage pumping stations, one in the Point Cruz area, serving the Central Business District (CBD) and one to the east of the city, located in the KGVI school grounds.

Current Areas that are Connected to Solomon Water Sewerage System

1. Rove Police married quarter 7.Kukum
2. Point Cruz area 8.Mbua Valley
3. Tuvaruhu 9.Vura
4. Vara Creek 10.Naha
5. Central hospital 11.Ranadi
6. Bahai Center 12.KG VI


 Waste Water Tariffs

Meter Services

Apply for Meter Separation Service:

Meter separation service is offered to customers who lived in multi family settings or shared business spaces and wish to have their own water meter.

Apply for Meter Replacement:

Registered customer meters will be replaced if they are faulty or do not work properly . Direct Line Customers can also benefit from the service.

Apply for Meter Relocation:

If you need to move your meter from one location of to another within your property boundary, please apply to our customer care office for assistance.

Please contact our customer services team for any of these services.

Phone: 23985

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Property owners are responsible for maintaining water equipment, including repairing leaks from the water meter to their homes. Any leaks from on the customers side will be charged to the customer’s account. Therefore customers must repair leaks promptly to avoid large water bill. Solomon Water is only responsible for connections up to the water meter.

What do you need to maintain:

  • Pipes
  • Taps
  • Cisterns
  • Leakages

What we will maintain:

  • Water Meter

If you see any leakages on our water mains and pipelines to our meter, , please call either our Customer Care team on +677 23985 or our maintenance on call team on +677 8643817.