Prices of water are set through legislation by the Solomon Islands Government, which introduces a new tariff structure in June 2012. This better reflects the cost of providing water, and makes adjustments in line with power prices.
In the Solomon Islands the largest expense to provide water is pumping water to communities across distances, which uses a great amount of power.The water authority must access bore holes and other water sources, treat water to a healthy standard using disinfectants, store the water and distribute it to families and communities across great distances.
The cost of buying and maintaining networks of pipes, pumps, storage tanks and treatment processes is very expensive.

How can I keep my bill low?

  • Check for leaks and fix them
  • Be conservative with water use
  • Take short showers
  • Turn off taps when they are not being used
  • Fix leaks
  • Use buckets and basins to do your washing
  • Talk to your family about keeping bills low by using less water
  • Use water wisely