Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Sector Project (UWSSSP)

The Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Sector Project is a major investment in the quality and reliability of our water supply to our customers in Honiara, Noro, Tulagi and a new water piped supply to customers in Munda and Gizo. Here are some key facts about the project: It will be delivered between 2020–2024.

  • It will upgrade water services to growing urban and peri-urban regions in the Solomon Islands
  • It will upgrade and promote effective, efficient and safe urban sanitation services
  • It will provide programs to encourage better hygiene behaviours in urban areas and informal settlements
  • It will improve Solomon Water’s services to customers


Semi-Annual Safeguards Monitoring Report (July - December 2021) - April 2022

 Frequently Asked Questions - August 2021

 Solomon Water Presentation - November 2019

 Environmental Assessment Review Framework - March 2019

 Resettlement Policy Framework - March 2019

 Initial Environmental Examination - March 2019


Honiara Water Supply Subproject – Reservoir Component

 Initial Environmental Examination - October 2021

 Land Acquisition and Resettlement Plan - July 2021


Honiara Water Supply Subproject – Trunk Mains Component

 Land Acquisition and Resettlement Plan- December 2021

 Initial Environmental Examination - October 2021


Tulagi Water Supply Upgrade Subproject

 Tulagi Water Supply Initial Environmental Examination Report - November 2021

 Resettlement Plan - August 2021


Auki Water Supply Improvement 

 Auki Water Supply Initial Environmental Examination Report - May 2020

 Auki Resettlement Plan - April 2020


Noro Water Supply Project

 Noro Water Supply Initial Environmental Examination Report - April 2022


Munda Water Supply Project

Munda Water Supply Initial Environmental Examination Report - April 2022


Kongulai Water Treatment Plant 

 Land Acquisition and Resettlement Plan - March 2021

 Initial Environmental Examination - February 2021


WASH Program

 Volume 1: Sanitation Options Manual



 UWSSSP Documents