Solomon Water has signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with the Ontong Java Community in Honiara. Signed on Tuesday this week, the MOA grants an easement on their land to install a critical wastewater pipeline which will be connected to Solomon Water’s proposed wastewater pump station at the National Referral Hospital, adjacent to the eye clinic.

The signing of this MOA marks a significant milestone in the development of Honiara’s wastewater infrastructure through the Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Sector Project (UWSSSP). The easement obtained from the Ontong Java Community is vital for the successful implementation of the wastewater pipeline as it will ensure the safe and efficient disposal of wastewater from the proposed station, which is part of the overall western Honiara wastewater infrastructure network.

“We are grateful for the support and cooperation of the Ontong Java Community in this crucial project. The easement granted by the community is of utmost importance as it will enable us to deliver improved wastewater services and protect the environment. We value our partnership with the Ontong Java community and are committed to upholding their trust as we work together for a cleaner and healthier Honiara”, says Solomon Water’s Acting Chief Executive Officer, Michelle Maelaua.

“We are pleased to collaborate with Solomon Water and play a role in this important project that will benefit not only our community but the entire Honiara city. We are committed to working closely with Solomon Water to ensure the successful implementation of the pipeline and contribute to a sustainable future for Honiara”, says Lawrence Makili, President of the Ontong Java Community Board.

We’re with you in improving value, improving services and improving for the future - all aimed at delivering our vision of “Safe water for a healthy nation”.


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Signing the MOA in Honiara on Tuesday 6 June 2023, Ontong Java Community Board President Lawrence Makili and SW Acting Chief Executive Officer Michelle Maelaua. Looking on are (standing L-R) Ontong Java Community Chief Noel Aisa, SW Strategic Manager Ray Andresen, Ontong Java Community Board members Doris Saingoa and Stanley Havae (sitting).