Solomon Water would like to inform our valued customers that recent heavy rainfalls has impacted our supply and many Honiara residents have been without water over the past few days. Supply was turned off on Wednesday 17 May due to the heavy rains in the water catchment area. The heavy rains also caused a major landslide which has affected the Chubina sinkhole, one of the sinkholes supplying Kongulai to collapse into the underground cave system.

Solomon Water CEO Ian Gooden says “We are right now monitoring the situation and are sending an investigative team to review the situation and consider solutions to the site in the morning. It could take a few days to resolve this as there is a lot of debris in the cave entrance and the area remains quite unsafe".

Solomon Water teams are monitoring the source turbidity and we will inform customers when water supply is restored.

Customers who are still receiving water are advised to store water in buckets and containers and boil all water for food preparation and consumption.

For more information, please call Customer Care on 44700 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.