Solomon Water wishes to inform customers that it has extended the suspension of water supply from Kongulai and Kombito sources due to elevated turbidity levels caused by Tropical Cyclone Jasper's heavy rains. Supply from both water sources were closed on Tuesday this week.

Turbidity, a measure of water cloudiness, results from silt, mud, algae, or other particles in surface water sources.

Solomon Water CEO Carmine Piantedosi says “Solomon Water prioritises the health and safety of our customers and turbidity levels at the source are at very unsafe levels right now. This precautionary measure to turn off supply is essential to avoid providing water unsafe for consumption or use. The disinfection process is ineffective in high turbidity, posing health risks and potential pipe blockages for customers”.

Solomon Water also apologises for the inconvenience and advises customers that supply restoration depends on improving weather conditions.

“We acknowledge the hardship we are all facing during this shutdown. Supply resumption at Kongulai and Kombito hinges on improved weather conditions during this cyclone season,” CEO Carmine says.

Solomon Water is closely monitoring the situation and will provide updates on supply restoration to customers.

Media contact:

Ruth Ramoifuila, Communications and Corporate Support Coordinator

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