Solomon Water has successful completed the first of the SOE’s provincial stakeholder forum’s in Noro, Western Province on Friday 16 February 2024. Led by CEO Carmine Piantedosi, the forum was attended by over twenty representatives from Noro-based customers, businesses and schools.

The forums are organized to engage with stakeholders and provide insights into Solomon Water's business goals, challenges, and commitment to serve the communities it operates in.

During the stakeholder forums, CEO Carmine Piantedosi addressed various crucial topics to enhance transparency and foster collaboration. The discussions covered:

  1. Legislative Framework: An overview of the legislative framework that guides Solomon Water's operations and services.
  2. Solomon Water Vision, Mission, and Values (with IMPACT): A presentation on the organization's vision, mission, and values, aligning them with current Solomon Islands Government policies and Sustainable Development Goals.
  3. Customer Centric Organization: Emphasis on Solomon Water's dedication to becoming a more customer-centric organization, with a focus on improving service delivery and addressing customer needs.
  4. SIWA Capital Works and Major Projects: Updates on ongoing and upcoming capital works and major projects undertaken by Solomon Water to enhance water infrastructure, improve service reliability, and meet the growing demands of the communities served.
  5. Challenges Solomon Water is facing: An open dialogue about the challenges faced by Solomon Water, acknowledging the importance of feedback from stakeholders to enhance the SOE’s effectiveness.
  6. How the Organization is Facing Challenges: CEO Piantedosi shared strategies and initiatives undertaken by Solomon Water to address challenges, ensuring continuous improvement and commitment to delivering quality water services.

Head Teacher of Noro Primary School, Vernon Apusae said “I enjoyed the Forum. Customers and stakeholders received good information especially in terms of how and why we pay for water. Our bill will be less expensive, if we control our own water use. The CEO presented a good illustration about this and I am sharing this information with my teachers at the school.”

Noro Town Clerk, Gavin Totu said “This stakeholders’ forum is a first of its kind for us in Noro. We received firsthand information about SIWA’s strategic plan and projects. We also were made aware about the issues and challenges Solomon Water is facing. This forum made all of these issues clear for our awareness and we appreciate the presentations and discussions shared with the Solomon Water CEO.” 

The CEO expressed gratitude for the engagement received during the forums, stating, "The session proved very informative. The forum received some very positive feedback from the stakeholders about SIWA and also some valuable questions and suggestions."

The CEO also commended the Solomon Water Noro team, "The stakeholders were very forward about commending the work that our team does in Noro, which was great to hear. Thank you, Noro team, for everything you do for our customers."

This is the first in a series of provincial stakeholders forums the Solomon Water CEO will be conducting in the provinces this year.

The Solomon Water Stakeholders Forum was held at the Marina Hotel Conference Room in Noro. Chief Operations Officer Scravin Tongi and Communications Officer Sophia Tango were also part of the Solomon Water team attending the Forum.

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Solomon Water CEO Carmine Piantedosi presenting at the Noro Stakeholder Forum on Friday 16 February 2024 at the Marina Hotel Conference Room. The Forum was well attended by representatives from Noro-based businesses and schools.