Solomon Water has successfully completed the Honiara Water Tank Replacement and Liner Installation Project, a significant milestone in the SOE’s ongoing efforts to improve water infrastructure and ensure reliable access to safe water for people in Honiara.

The project is worth SBD$12.1m, with funding coming from the Government of Australia and Solomon Water.   

Speaking at a completion ceremony for the project, Solomon Water CEO Carmine Piantedosi highlighted the projects immense strategic importance for Solomon Water.

The old Lengakiki tank, commissioned in 1960, served its purpose dutifully but had long surpassed its lifespan in 2021, necessitating this vital upgrade.” Mr Piantedosi said.

“This new one megalitre tank, coupled with the installation of new liners in the existing tanks at White River and Lower West Kola Ridge, means our storage capacity at Lengakiki reservoir has doubled.

The project, which commenced in late 2021, involved the demolition of the old Lengakiki tank, mounting new fencing for water infrastructure security, installing a new one megalitre steel water supply tank at Lengakiki, and fitting new liners in existing tanks at White River and Lower West Kola Ridge.

Key benefits of the project include:

  • A more secured site to protect the infrastructure.
  • Enhanced operational flexibility by reducing dependency on the Titinge reservoir and supply, thereby ensuring a more resilient water source utilization.
  • Reconnection to the Rove source pump station strengthens our network, contributing to improved service reliability.
  • Pressure reduction of the Titinge bypass line, mitigating water losses due to leakages and contributing to reducing our rates of non-revenue water (NRW).
  • Increased reservoir storage capacity by 50 per cent with improved pressure management, for our customers in and around the Lengakiki area.
  • Extension of the life spans of four existing water tanks at White River and West Kola by re-lining as a cost effective alternative to replacement.

 Mr Piantedosi said the successful completion of the project was more than just a technical achievement.

“This is a testament to Solomon Water’s continuous efforts to provide quality water services to our customers, so a big thank you to everyone involved in making this project a success."

We’re with you in improving value, improving services and improving for the future, which is all aimed at delivering our vision of “Safe water for a healthy nation”.

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Photo caption: Celebrating the completion of the project on Friday 17 May 2024. Ribbon cutting at the Honiara Water Tank Replacement and Liner Installation Project site at the Solomon Water Lengakiki tank. From left to right: Solomon Water CEO Carmine Piantedosi, contractor rep from Reeves Envico Brian Murray, DFAT Second Secretary Infrastructure Kate Chapman and Solomon Water Head of Project Management Unit, John Hughes.