Solomon Water (SW) is pleased to announce the successful site visit to the Ziata source site as part of the Noro Upgrade Project. Solomon Water's CEO; Carmine Piantedosi, along with his staff and a representative from the Ministry of Mines, Energy and Electrification, traveled to Munda on the morning of Friday, June 7, and returned to Honiara on Saturday, June 8, 2024.

The purpose of this trip was to follow up on the meeting held with landowners at Fairyland Restaurant on Thursday, May 16, 2024, where the Noro upgrade project was discussed. During the site visit, the team aimed to show the landowners the existing facilities and explain the scope of the upcoming upgrade works.

The consultations during this visit were successful, with the participating landowning groups expressing their support for the upgrade works, which are scheduled to commence around July.

Following this visit, Solomon Water will continue consultations with landowner representatives leading up to the project’s start date to ensure ongoing collaboration and support.

Solomon Water appreciates the cooperation and support of the landowning groups and looks forward to further collaborative efforts to enhance water infrastructure in the Noro region.

 “We’re with you in improving value, improving services and improving for the future, which is all aimed at delivering our vision of “Safe water for a healthy nation”.”