Solomon Water is the State-Owned Enterprise (SOE) appointed and responsible supplier of water to provincial urban centers of the Solomon Islands and receives a Community Service Obligation (CSO) payment from the Government for provision of services to Auki and Tulagi.

The CSO contract between the Ministry of Finance and Treasury and Solomon Water requires that a Customer Satisfaction Survey be carried out in the towns of Auki and Tulagi to identify patterns in customer experience. The survey includes responses to faults, notification of interruption to water supply and customers’ understanding of invoices. In both Provinces the satisfaction levels of certain services, (Understanding of invoices, Attendance to faults and Notifications of interruptions to water supply) average around 40% satisfactory and 60% not satisfied. In terms of disconnections and reconnections, 96% were satisfied with the remainder 4% not satisfied.

Solomon Water CEO, Ian Gooden stated “2021 has been a very challenging year for us which reflects on the outcome of the survey, however we continue to improve our services in the provinces. We also appreciate the support from the Solomon Islands Government through the Community Service Obligation and look forward to a continuing partnership in 2022”.

A copy of the completed CSO report is available from the Solomon Water communications unit if required.