“Improving Value, Improving services and Improving for the future” 

Solomon Water is excited to launch our “We’re with you” campaign aimed at providing improved and reliable water services to our customers.  We have developed a 30-year Strategic plan and 5 years Action Plan that guide investments, donor support and upgrading of our assets and services.

To help with this effort, government has approved a 5% tariff increase, and increase in the commercial monthly standing charge which are now in effect. It reflects the cost of delivery, and continuous improvements that we will be undertaking to provide safe and reliable water services in our areas of operations. Minor changes, including new domestic service connection decreases, have also been approved. 

The “We’re with you” campaign is an opportunity to assure our water users that we strive to provide a reliable, consistent and safe water supply.  Back in 2012 Solomon Water used to supply water for around 5 hour per day; with the many improvements that we are undertaking, our supply duration is 22 hours per day, and we are striving to provide a 24 hours water service to our customers in the near future.

We appreciate that clean water and good sanitation are essential for people to remain healthy, and Solomon Water’s vision of “Safe water for a healthy nation” is at the heart of us working with our stakeholders, communities and customers in improving our services.   Improved water and sanitation lead to better health outcomes, healthier children, less time off school and work and reduced health costs.

We’re with you in improving value, improving services and improving for the future - all aimed at delivering our vision of “safe water for a healthy nation”