Wednesday 4 January 2023


 “Improving value, Improving services and Improving for the future”

Solomon Water strives to provide our customers with safe and reliable water and wastewater services. Back in 2012, Solomon Water used to supply water for around 5 hours per day. With the many improvements that we are undertaking, our supply duration is now over 22 hours per day, and we are striving to provide a 24 hours water service to our customers in the near future.

In meeting the evolving regulatory requirements, water supply needs and customer expectations in the future, Solomon Water announces to its customers that as of January 1 2023 there has been an increase in our water and wastewater tariffs. As part of our ongoing “We Are With You” campaign, the increase will be aimed at improving services to our customers and this includes the Kongulai treatment plant, increasing water production in the Kombito/Panatina area and upgrades to our provincial water supplies.

Solomon Water appreciates the difficulties to customers at present due to wet weather affecting the water catchment areas at Kongulai and Kombito and we are taking steps to try and reduce the impacts caused by the illegal activities that are causing the dirty water. Solomon Water also appreciates the hardships customers experienced during the water rationing last year. We are continuing to work with landowners and responsible authorities to ensure water catchment areas are protected and supply to our weirs and reservoirs is uninterrupted.

We have made several improvements in 2022 to increase our production capacity to reduce the impact of these shutdowns, and have several more planned for 2023. Over the past year we have completed projects to rehabilitate and upgrade the Rove Source, upgrade the Kwaibala source in Auki and also started work to increase production and protect our boreholes at Panatina. Mobilisation to start the Kongulai Water Treatment Plant and the Honiara Trunk Mains and Reservoir projects has also started. There have been delays commencing earthworks for all the projects but this is to be expected post COVID-19, especially in Solomon Islands. We are now looking at starting construction for both projects in the next two months and they will be completed in late 2024. When completed, Solomon Water will be able to produce water regardless of weather and catchment conditions. Forty cents from every kilolitre of water sold will go towards future management and protection of the water catchment areas.

To assist with this effort, the Government through the Ministry of Mines, Energy and Rural Electrification and the Ministry of Finance and Treasury has approved an increase in the water tariff and the commercial monthly standing charge, which are now in effect. It reflects the cost of delivery of water and wastewater services and the continuous improvements that we will be undertaking to provide safe and reliable water services in our areas of operations. Other minor changes, including new domestic service connections and other fees, have also been approved.

Board Chairman Donald Marahare said “We thank the Government for working with us and supporting the need for adequate funding for improvements to Solomon Water’s services. We acknowledge that some households may struggle to afford basic services but note that the water supplied by Solomon Water meets World Health Standards 98% of the time and is safe to drink. The new tariff represents only an increase of 39 cents per kilolitre (tonne) of water for the lowest domestic tariff band and is considerably lower than increases in power and foodstuffs experienced over the past year.

Our tariff is partly driven by high electricity costs (which has increased over 50% in 2022 over the previous year) and the need to provide our share of funds into the significant donor-funded upgrade programme. We also need to fund loan repayments to Government for some of the donor-funded works. We ask Government to assist us with further donor grant funds instead of loans to assist in keeping water affordable to all our customers”.

We appreciate that clean water and good sanitation is critical for people to remain healthy and Solomon Water’s vision “Safe water for a healthy nation” is at the heart of our work with stakeholders, communities and customers in improving our services. Improved water and sanitation leads to better health outcomes for everyone, healthier children, less time off school and work, and reduced health costs.

We’re with you in improving value, improving services and improving for the future - all aimed at delivering our vision of “Safe water for a healthy nation”.


Solomon Water continues to experience severe water shortages at its Kongulai source affecting many customers in Honiara. This started in July this year and as of this week there have been no significant changes to the situation.

Chief Executive Officer Ian Gooden says, “We continue to experience water shortages at the Kongulai source and the situation remains serious. The issue is blockages at the sinkholes feeding the Kongulai source resulting in the reduction in water production at our intake dam. Our daily water production is normally 13 million litres per day, however this has now reduced to 6.9 million litres per day making it difficult for us to supply water to our customers”.

Kongulai source currently supplies more than 40% of Honiara’s total production and also plays a critical role in pressurizing about 60% of Honiara city, including critical areas.

Daily monitoring of water levels at the Kongulai water source is continuing and we have also made some alterations to our distribution system to ensure water reaches most customers at some time each day. Our investigations to find and clear the blockage in the underground cave system are continuing, however given the complexity of the issue and the obstructions to the sinkhole further inland, it is taking longer than we expected and we are yet to see any significant improvements in the water levels.

Our team has been investigating the blockages at the sinkhole or in the underground cave system and continue to work with landowners and responsible authorities to clear out the debris which we believe could have been deliberately put in the sinkholes. Further evidence also indicates the sinkhole blockage may have been a result of sediments built up from illegal logging operations in the Kohove area in the past” Mr. Gooden added.

Due to the water shortage, Solomon Water is currently implementing a water rationing program to ensure affected customers have water intermittently. There has been challenges with this program due to aging water infrastructures, power outages at our water pumping stations and water disruptions from burst water mains. This has resulted in customers having no running water for extended periods and outside of the rationing times. We have updated our rationing program and we will continue to review the program to do our very best to ensure all our customers receive some water each day.

To support Solomon Water, we call on the public to use water wisely and to report water leaks and theft as we continue to work to minimize any losses or wastage.

“Solomon Water acknowledges the hardship all of us are experiencing right now. We want to assure our customers and the public in Honiara that even though it has taken a lot of time, our team is working tirelessly to address the issue at Kongulai. We further ask the public to respect our staff in the field during this difficult time”, the Solomon Water CEO said.


Solomon Water continues to experience low water level at our Kongulai water source.

The situation at Kongulai is serious and we are treating it as such. We continue to work with responsible authorities, including the Ministry of Mines, Energy and Rural Electrification and Kongulai landowners to identify the obstructions that may be blocking water to the Kongulai source.

We have cleared some of the obstructions at the sinkholes, although this has taken much longer than we expected. We are yet to see any improvements in the water levels. The daily monitoring of water levels at the Kongulai water source continues and we have done some alterations to our water distribution system to ensure water reaches most customers. Our investigations are continuing.

Solomon Water is continuing water rationing and advises customers to ensure that enough water is stored as water supply may be interrupted.

Most of the affected residences include west and central Honiara and parts of East Honiara.


Solomon Water is experiencing ongoing problems at Kongulai water source affecting customers in Honiara. Over the past weeks, Solomon Water has continued to issue low pressure notice to customers feeding from Kongulai, especially during the peak time.

CEO Ian Gooden says “The low water level at our Kongulai source is caused by obstructions done to the sinkholes inland. We have tried on several occasions to clear out the debris which we believe have been deliberately put there. We are working with responsible authorities and continuing to work to clear out the obstructions to ensure water levels return to normal soon” he said.

Solomon Water is advising Honiara residents that they will continue to experience reduced water pressure at peak hours of the day until further notice and apologises for any inconvenience caused.

Areas affected include west and central Honiara and parts of East Honiara.