Solomon Water has awarded a $16m contract to Australian based international consultants SMEC International Pty. Ltd. to implement the second phase of the detailed engineering design project as a part of the wider Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Sector Project (UWSSSP) funded by the Solomon Islands Government with its development partners the Asian Development Bank (ADB), World Bank (WB) and European Union (EU).

“Solomon Water’s vision is to provide safe water for a healthy nation and the detailed designs and studies that this contract will produce will advance us towards this vision” CEO Ian Gooden said. “Solomon Water welcomes SMEC on board and we look forward to the outcome of the project”.

The second phase of the detailed engineering project covers six critical activities:

  1. Implementation of an Asset Management System.
  2. A new five year action plan.
  3. Identification and design of large pipeline replacement programme to reduce non revenue water losses.
  4. Expansion of Solomon Water’s service in Honiara to areas currently unable to be supplied in the Noah Hill, Nine ridges and Mount Austen area .
  5. Identification and design of pipeline replacements for the wastewater collection system rehabilitation.
  6. Feasibility study and design of the proposed Choiseul Province township water and waste water system.

The project will run for seventeen months and is due to commence shortly.


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In March this year Solomon Water released a statement to inform the public about the increasing number of faulty prepaid, or Cash Water meters. Solomon Water advised that its objectives in introducing Cash Water meters were twofold. The first was to increase customer awareness of water consumption and, in the process, help customers and their households save on their water expenses. The second objective was to halt the growing amount of arrears on Solomon Water’s books through unpaid water accounts.

Solomon Water recommissioned its White River borefield on Thursday 27 May 2021.  This project, commenced in 2019 and included the rehabilitation of 2 boreholes and the pump station in White River, some of which were extensively damaged during the tension period. This project cost was over $7m and was fully funded by Solomon Water to ensure facilities are upgraded and meet growing customer needs.