Solomon Water has been forced to take serious cost cutting measures following the significant fall in its revenue as a result of the impacts of COVID-19.

Solomon Water CEO Ian Gooden said, “Solomon Water is a good and loyal employer however with the challenges and impacts of COVID-19, we are now forced to take steps to try and balance revenue with expenses to ensure our survival into the future”.  He further added. “We will shortly be reducing the working hours of non-essential support areas in the business while we retain staff that directly link to the core function of the business. At this stage we do not intend to lay off any permanent staff as we need all our people for when things begin to pick up again. ”

Solomon Water wishes to inform our valued CashWater customers that our cashier outlets will continue to provide service, however, with the current rapidly changing situation we strongly advise customers to make sure that you have at least 1 week’s top-up credit on your water meter at all times to avoid any inconvenience in times of emergency or Government ordered shutdown.  We will be open by phone on our usual customer care 23985 for limited hours (9:000am to 3:00pm) in the event of a shutdown.