Water is a finite resource and a precious commodity and it must be conserved.  Of all our natural resources, water is the most important for land conservation and the welfare of mankind.  Therefore, the processes involved in the use and conservation of this most vital resource should be an interest to people of all ages.

What Is Water Conservation?
Water conservation is the act of careful and wise of your water.  Water conservation can be observed when one plans her use of water and the User Pays System could be a very good example of water conservation.  If consumption could enable savings and postpone major constructions.  As a result of this postponement, ratepayers don’t have to carry the cost if works in the near future.

How Can I Help To Conserve Water?

  1. Replace Water To Every Leaking Taps And Toilet Cisterns.
  2. Do Not Do Your Washing Under Running Tap.  Fill Basins, Buckets Tubs And Laundry.
  3. Do Not Wash Your Dishes Under Running Tap.  Fill A Bowl Or Dish.
  4. Do Not Leave Tap Running Unattended.
  5. Do Not Use A Hose To Water Your Plants. Use A Bucket  & Container.
  6. Do Not Hose Your Car Down, Use A Bucket And Sponge.
  7. Do Not Brush Your Teeth Under Running Tap.
  8. Do Not Spend Much Time Under The Shower.  5 Minutes Is The Best.
  9. Report All Leakages Along Road Reserves And Along Pipelines To Solomon Water On Phone 23985.
  10. Use Rain Water Tanks



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