Water Treatment


Water treatment is undertaken by Solomon Water to improve the quality of water. Treatment is carried out with the use of chlorination, the process of adding chlorine to the water we supply to disinfect and kill germs that it is safe for drinking.

Why Solomon Water does chlorination?

Sometimes our water sources are contaminated with bacteria, viruses, algae, Fungi and protozoa. These small living organisms can give sickness when they are present in our drinking water. Therefore Solomon Water has to chlorinate its water to kill these bacteria and other potential harmful organism. Chlorination is usually carried out immediately after the water has been extracted from the source.

How does water get contaminated?

There are many types of bacteria in water that can give us sickness. These bacteria can be transported into our drinking water from human being, animals and naturally from the ground. When we drink contaminated water we get sick. Some of the diseases associated with contaminated drinking water are dysentery, enteritis, diarrhea, cholera, food poisoning and many more

How is water chlorinated?

There are many types of chlorine chemical and the type of chemical used for chlorination is calcium hypochlorite. Calcium hypochlorite comes in a form of granules and has 70 percent of concentration strength
The chlorine granules are usually mixed in special solutions tanks at a certain mixing rate until the granules are dissolved. Then dosing pumps into the reservoirs tanks main lines at a certain rates dose the solutions
Tests are usually done along the systems to determine the amount of chlorine residual in the water. Normally dosing water pumps are adjusted so that the amount of free chlorine residual should be over 0.4 mg /I and less than 1.0mg in the system at all times

Water quality standards

At present Solomon Water or the government has no standard of its own, however there are guidelines and standards published by the world health organization and these are referred to in establishing Solomon Water ’s quality control policies

How can the public help?

  • Look after our catchment areas
  • Do not make food gardens near the sources
  • No wandering or picnicking in water catchment areas

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