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Solomon Islands Water Authority trading as Solomon Water (SW) is making many improvements in the water services we provide and we believe that this is necessary to ensure we are as efficient as possible and to provide consistent, safe and reliable service to our customers. We have had considerable help from donor partners over recent years, and remain reliant on donor support for major new works for years to come.  We are very grateful for this assistance.

Honiara is experiencing rapid growth, both in formal housing, informal settlements and commercial developments. Providing water in the places we operate is an expensive exercise, and it can be quite difficult to provide services to certain locations, especially those living in the increasing number of informal settlements, higher areas and on the fringes of the City. To supply Honiara we have to draw upon and treat around 27 separate water sources and we are still having difficulty supplying enough water to all customers. Sometimes water is pumped 3 or 3 times before it reaches the customer.

Much of the water we produce is lost either through theft or leakage from older pipes. Conservation of water is vital to avoid supply disruption as Honiara and provincial towns grow and we ask all our customers to conserve water and report any leakages or illegal connections. This Non Revenue water contributes to the cost of water which is passed on to the customers.

Many of the pipe and pump systems are aging and an active replacement program is in place, but this is very costly and will take years to achieve. 

To meet the challenges ahead and realise our customers’ expectations, we have just completed a major Strategic Plan that looks at the needs of Solomon Water for the next 30 years, and from this we have developed a five year action plan for works needed more urgently.These plans are available here. We continue to rely upon donor support for funding of major water supply improvements.
We have a great workforce with some very talented people, but still need more engineers and project managers to oversee the Strategic Plan works.   
Our aim is to be the leading State Owned Enterprise (SOE) in the Solomon Islands, surpassing our customers’ expectations in providing them a “safe water for a healthy nation”

Ian Gooden | CEO


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